Post-harvest loss is the outright loss in desirable quality and volume of farm produce after they leave the farm gate or cultivation area on their way to the consumer. The narrative remains the same, a rapidly growing global population and ever larger land mass being cultivated with little effort to plug the post-harvest losses estimated to be about 40-45% 3-6 months after harvest. Tropical fruits and vegetables bear the brunt.

To tackle food security, a concerted effort directed at sustainable and efficient field practices coupled with a diminished loss of crops after harvest is necessary to feed our soon-to-be 9 billion humans on planet Earth in 2050.

Irrespective of the variety, region, or sophistication of cultivation of farm produce, their pathway towards spoilage is mediated by the passage of time, extremes of temperature, unchecked microbial activity, humidity, insect infestation and poor handling practices.