Post Harvest Loss Management

Bulk grain and legume Storage

To mitigate against insect and mould infestation, our stored grain and legumes are dried to a prescribed moisture content and stored in hermetically sealed bags or silos.

Extend Shelf Life

This is achieved by reducing post-harvest deterioration by washing, precooling and storing in clean, stackable plastic crates and bins.

Temperature Control

Post-harvest deterioration is amplified in the tropics and subtropics, hence the need to slow the spoilage rate.

Cold Storage

We have invested in sustainable cooling technologies that depend on solar and grid electricity.

Integrated Pest Management

The tropics and subtropics are home to insects that adversely affect grains and legumes. We deploy a holistic approach to managing this threat which starts from the fields and continues in our processing and storage facilities by deploying industry standard practices to combat pests.

Tuber Conditioning

Care is taken to ensure tropic and subtropical fruits and vegetables are not damaged by excessively low temperatures as in the case of chill injury. Tubers, roots and rhizomes are always cured to extend their shelf life.